A Post Office Box is not acceptable. No fee may be charged to fill in this form. CIV-SC-50 Revised 7/05 NOTE If the Claim is a result of an automobile accident the Claim must be OWNER against OWNER. Form can be found at http //www.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civ sc 50 form

this is an overview of how to complete the SC 50 small-claims statement of claim form before we get started notice the four areas on the form first there section 1 the claimants information this is where you will be putting in your information then there section 2 which is the dependents information this is where you will put the information about the party that you were suing section 3 is the claim these are the details of your case and section 4 is for the office use only you will disregard this portion now let's get started first you will enter your last name in the last name field next enter your first name in the first name field and to the right of that if you have a middle initial enter it in the middle initial field now let's enter your address in the address field note post office boxes are not allowed you must use your residential address if you're a sole proprietor business owner you may use your business address here let's move to the borough city town or village field if you live outside the city of New York enter your city town or village new yorkers should put New York from Manhattan Brooklyn Bronx Staten Island or the area in Queens in which they reside now enter the two letter code for your state in the state field and your zip code in the Ziegfeld in the other info field you will enter other information which is pertinent to your address for example if you are a sole proprietor you may type DBA for doing business as and the name of your company or if you need your mail to be sent to a post-office box or alternate address enter that information here if none of that applies to you just leave the field blank then enter your phone number next let's move to the defendants information area where you will enter information about the party you wish to sue keep in mind you can sue a person or a business if you sue a business enter its full name in the first field last name or full business name be sure to add any abbreviations which follow the business name such as IMC LLP LLC or Corp only fill the first name field if you are suing an individual not a business in that case put the individuals last name in the last name field and the first name in the first name field again put in a middle initial if you are aware of it in small claims court you can only sue parties located within the five boroughs of New York City so make sure you have a valid home or business address for your defendant in the other information field you may enter other important information pertaining to the address of the defendant for example if you use Jane Smith's work address you'll want to send it in care of the company where she works and the defendants phone number if you are aware of it now we'll move to the claim section first enter the amount you're claiming is owed to you which can be any amount up to and including 5000 in the date of a current or a transaction field enter a specific date not a range of dates which best...